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                                                  Traits in Royal White® Hair Sheep

Ewes are feminine, good mothering abilities, and show high instinctive protection traits of their lambs, natural
flocking, height to weight proportionate frames for better lamb carrying capability, allowing excellent browsing,
with good legs for mobility over larger tracts of land, longer legs means better leverage getting up to clean up
lambs versus short legged types, highly intelligent for sheep, low stress shippers.  Flocking and low stress make
management of these easy care sheep highly desirable. These sheep breed year around making lambing
predictable and geared to when the owner wants them to lamb making a large window of marketability.  All hair
coat, mother ewes can clean up a hair lamb faster then say a wool or wool-hair mixed coat;  time of cleanup is
crucial for better survivability of lambs, especially in cooler/windy environments and with multiple lambs. Well
developed sized udders high off the ground versus short legged types.  

Rams:  masculine,  not mean, intelligent, endurance, legs allowing them high enough off the ground as to not
affect breeding performance from heat generated by hot soils.  All hair.  V-Shaped chest versus a blocky chest,
neck not too large in circumference, extended neck aids in browsing .  Rams are protective, flockers and breed
year around.

Both Sexes:  Both rams and ewes are polled, brown eyes preferred ,less pinkeye like in cattle, all hair coat.  
Hair is a hollow fiber versus wool, a solid fiber, some say that hollow fibers assist in absorption of vitamins from
solar rays, like with Angora rabbits.   Both sexes have either whip tail or a natural bob or short-tail, no need to
ever shear, crutch or dock tails with Royal White® hair sheep.  The neck are not to be too thick as that can lead
to lambing difficulties like prolapses, same thing with too blocky chests, we prefer the v-type chest, the neck
extended aids in browsing as well.  Rams and ewes are somewhat docile but not to be too docile.  Both are
medium to high internal  parasite resistance and external parasites..  The all hair coat means less threats from
vegetative debris, like spear grass and needle grass.  These sheep don’t get addicted to Woolly paper Flower.  
Both breeds are white, white faced sheep do better in hotter climates versus black headed sheep.  Both sexes
are highly adaptable to different environments making them very versatile. The lambs survive well and grow
fast.  The meat is very lean, mild, and low fat.  The muscle is distributed throughout the body due to their height
to weight proportionate frames .  Low stress shippers is a plus.  No upgrading from other breeds permitted for
registration, no need to dilute the traits in them or infuse unwanted traits.  The demand for the Royal White®hair
sheep continues to exceed supply do to their high performance and large window of marketability.