Above >Royal White®ram lamb,; ewe with just born quads; ewe lambs near fence; natural born short/bob tail ewe lambs

Above>Royal White® ewe with newborn,she had quads , courtesy Saundra Davenport, Brady, TX note the ideal brown eyes; ewes with llama;Royal White®ewe with twins; Royal White® ram; Royal White®ram;older mainly high quality St. Croix ewes, part of the original 800+full bloods accumulated over several years, these were large for St. Croix and purchased in small lots over  several  years from the Western, Southwestern and Rocky Mountain States used for breeding to large St. Croix rams then to develop the Royals; Kade Hodge's in 2005 Houston Livestock Show won Reserve as well as Supreme Champion ewe with Royal White®; certified Royal White® sheep tags; twin Royal White® lambs one born as Bobtail.

Above>Photo from Sue/Duwain Vinson, Childress, TX.
ewes and some lambs

Royal White® ewes and guard llamn

Royal White® ramlambs

Royal White® ewelambs

Above Royal White® ewe and lambs

Below photo Royal White® ewes and lambs eating on Sudan Haybale Texas

2 photos above courtesy Reed Farms, Commanche Texas